Friends in Neat Places

I’ve just discovered that some old friends from the Johnson Atelier are living, working, and blogging in Istanbul (not Constantinople). Philadelphia artists Julia and Shane Stratton both make some fantastic sculptures and are some of the sweetest folks you’d ever want to meet.

I can’t bear to be constantly posting about myself so I thought I would share some of their work today which, come to think of it, and since they are my friends, could still be seen as a self-promotional act to make me seem cool by association. Oh hell.

Julia's "Etude in C-sharp Minor (Following)"

Shane's "Oceanid"


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Flowers Everywhere

This semester brought more classwork than I knew what to do with- in fact I’m still slogging my way through the very last of it, 2 weeks after the semester ended. As a coping/escape mechanism, I seem to have reverted to making thoughtless, repetitive work that I find decorative and somewhat meaningless, but that everyone else in the ceramics studio claims to adore. There are 10 of these bowls ranging from around 15″ to 7″ in diameter.  In a last-ditch effort to elevate them from a pretty bauble existence, I hung them on the wall en masse as a testament to the power of repetition.  As we always used to say at the Atelier, “If something sucks, paint it red. If it really sucks, make a whole bunch of them.” And a couple were supposed to be red too, but the glaze recipe failed!

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So much for the thing project.

Well, I might as well face the truth that unless someone is paying (and probably not even then) I will never be one of those daily diarists, bloggers, memoirists, whatever.  Not going to happen.  I am just not that interested in the events of my own life to feel the urge to publish them to the world.  I will however note here that two sculptures (the only big sculptures that I have) are headed to Tecumseh, MI to hang out for a year.  Since they are indeed paying, this does seem worthy of a post- one has  previously been posted  (Ruffian) and the other I had promised to eventually post a photo of the whole thing. Guess that’s one blogging promise that I can live up to.  So glad no one actually reads these things!

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Thing, Day 10: Pete Goldlust

I’m frankly surprised that I made it this far without missing a day, so it had to happen.  I guess I could post twice today and try to make it up but that seems kind of lame.

I’ve been meaning to post these amazing carved crayons by Pete Goldlust who makes some remarkable little sculptures.

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Thing, Day 9: Jewelry? Why not!

I’m an equal opportunity maker; there is no medium that is out of bounds (especially so since I’m in college and have access to nearly everything!  I present for you my very first foray into jewelry making using those annoying little tiny (ping!) saw blades.  Throw in some chasing, a bit of rivet work, and some homemade chain and here you go! It’s really large, somewhat poky, and guaranteed to turn your neck green but still a fairly cool necklace.

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Thing, Day 8: Wonder Babes

Uh, Oh. This daily posting is already starting to feel like a nuisance. Hmm…what to post?

How about a little shrine to my favorite Amazon princess, Wonder Woman!  After all, the banner of the whole blog keeps hinting about her and then refusing to deliver.  Such a tease.  If you’re wondering why she’s wearing white in the center panel, it’s because I was suffering from a growing annoyance at the ever-shrinking nature of her already very limited wardrobe.  I’ve since given up on this theme and moved on to other sources of annoyance.  There are so many to choose from!

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Thing, Day 7: NCECA highlights

Well, I’m not such a Narcissist as to insist on only posting my own work.  I’ve spent the last two days in Philadelphia at NCECA and I’ve been pondering which work I might consider a favorite.  After some deliberation I have to conclude that Christyl Bogart takes home the prize in my book, such sensitive modeling, straightforward glaze application, and witty concepts.  This Swan Float was at the Clay Studio… and I could have skipped paying the $140 (for just one day) at the conference and just gone there and to all the other wonderful venues in the city like the Mütter Museum and the University of the Arts galleries.  Another spectacular work came from Shay Church.

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Thing, Day 6: The Death of Deer Woman

Well, I can’t believe that I haven’t blown this yet, especially since I’m staying with friends and playing with kids in between attending NCECA.  Speaking of which, we’ll keep the latest things all ceramics, in honor of the conference.

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Thing, Day 5: April Fool’s Day thing, Narcissid

This is a fairly recent recent (a couple weeks ago) little ceramic sculpture.  It is largely a result of the acquisition of a Play-doh fun factory extruder that enabled the creation of hundreds of little flowers.

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Thing, Day 4: Ooh, shiny!

Hmm, what to send out into the great nowhere today? How about something completely ridiculous.  Ever wonder what you can do with enough glitter clue, sequins, and swarovski crystal things?  Just keep embedding layer after layer in acrylic medium and voila!  Get obsessive enough with anything and it starts to head toward art– at least by post-modern standards.  The great problem with making these sparkly things is that I’m not enough of a photographer to get decent pictures that show the depth of the bling; the autofocus freaks out and zooms back and forth over and over threatening to wreck the little motor. I suppose I could learn to focus for myself… or I could give up and just stick it on the scanner!

I’m cheating a bit and posting early ’cause tomorrow I’m off to Philadelphia for NCECA!

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